There is a new, emerging, lucrative and un-tapped market of customers.  The Philippine Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture consumer market is growing tremendously.  The number of tattoo artists and shops in the Philippines has quadrupled over the past decade. 

The Tattoo Renaissance BOOM started when foreign investors, corporations, BPO’s and entrepreneurs refused to discriminate against tattoos and hired based on Western-style criteria, such as merit and skill.  Unknowingly, they have created a new market of millions and millions of gainfully-employed, call center, IT, fashion, sales and service workers who have and love their tattoos.  They have spearheaded a hip, sexy and kool  Philippines tattoo lifestyle and culture. 

Then, there was a huge, swift surge in the acceptance of Philippine celebrities who proudly wore their bold tattoos.  Celebrities such as Manny Pacquio, Vice Ganda, Gwen Garci, Michaella Recto and Racherl Labangco are just a few of the hundreds of tattoo loving, proud Philippine celebrities. 

Now, Philippine tattoo artists are making the country world-known as the home of some of the world’s best tattoo artists. Creating this new spark in the industry as ‘Tattoo Tourism’ -as we like to call it- emerges.    

DID YOU KNOW? Americans alone, now spend and invest over $2 Billion on Tattoo Lifestyle & Tourism.  In addition, there are over 500,000 Americans now living in the Philippines.  As well as, nearly 100,000 American and European owned and co-owned; seemingly, non-tattoo-discriminating, companies.  Including, the world’s largest American Embassy outside the US.  That trend is the fuel of the Philippine Tattoo Renaissance. 

REACH YOUR TARGET MARKET. As the #1 American-Centric Philippine Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Magazine in the world, we are able to put your brand in front of over 100,000 Locals, Internationals, American’s and PhilAms from Hollywood to Mega Manila.  Using our unique, FREE In-Print, On-Line and Digital Magazine, PH INK MASTER Niche-Market-Interactive Tattoo Competition and TGIF Event Series, as well as, our popular On-Line Artists Showcase & Booking Service, you’ll be seen by a guaranteed audience.  No sitting on racks, waiting for your ads, products and services to be seen and/or consumed.  PH INK MAG In-Print is distributed-directly to the hands of consumers, tattoo lovers, businesses, hotel lobbies and artists around the world.

GUARANTEED INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION. PH INK is an American-published, complimentary/ free, Philippine tattoo tourism, lifestyle & culture promotional showcase-style magazine, globally distributed to more than 1,000 businesses.  With more than 30,000 anticipated on-line and digital readers –per issue- worldwide –and digitally via our websites and our Philippines tourism partnership with the #1 digital newsstand in America and Asia;

SUCCESS IS FOR EVERYONE. We boast the absolutely lowest advertising rates in the United States and the Philippines.  Our Full-Page Ads start at $149/P5,000 and we offer over 1,000 small business listings in our Philippine Tattoo Lifestyle Directory section FOR FREE, with upgrades, for as low as $5.00/P500 which allows every business to participate.  Enjoy our Media Kit Trailer.  Then, let us sit down and discuss how PH INK International can help you reach your target market of customers and expand your shop, artistry and/or brand internationally.  

Cheers to our unified success!

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