THE PH INK MASTER Winner Takes All Tattoo Competitions

The Philippines Tattoo Tourism Industry Gets A Boost From American and Other Foreign Tattoo Aficionados…Underground Artists Go Mainstream.

The Philippines Magazine International | In a controversial—press conference in Los Angeles, California, USA with their US Executive Publisher currently in the Philippines on an extended tour; despite PH—industry concerns, due to the growing interest from within the US and American/foreign residents in the Philippines for the new Philippine Tattoo Tourism market:  Their American readers living in the Philippines and other foreigners express a growing interest in the hip and diverse ‘underground’ tattoo community.    

Following a successful test-market-study, the American publishers of The Philippines Magazine International, announced they would be launching Philippine INK a.k.a. PH INK:  A free, new PH-Underground Tattoo Lifestyle & Culture Special Edition Magazine, Directory and website booking service ( and 

In addition, the group announced the debut of The PH INK MASTER Tattoo Competitions:  Their unique magazine ‘launch party series’ and tattoo competition; joining forces with local PH-media groups, celebrities and tattoo collectors.  PH INK MASTER, is e a winner-takes-all, open-competition, showcasing their advertiser’s in an innovative and interactive way. 

PH INK MAG Full-page advertisers receive free booths to compete, there is just 1 winner; THE PH INK MASTER, and judges are a mix of tattoo gurus and tattoo consumers or collectors.  The magazine, website and subsequent competition is marketed to foreigner’s and all PH-based artists, locals, foreigners, mainstream and newbies) are welcomed to compete for the PH INK Master Competitions. 

The PH INK all-inclusive-concept, places known, not so known, mainstream and underground artist together for one battle: unlike other PH-competitions, the winner of PH INK MASTER is largely chosen on an artistry-level, not by technical-standards.  An American-style competition model, made popular by TV shows such as The Voice, American Idol, Project Runway and America’s Got Talent.  Though specifics are not yet released, the P15,000-20,000 cash prize, magazine showcase, media and prizes are said to be highly attractive for PH-artist.  The group is also talking to their PH consultants to develop a rave-style ‘After Party’ for the event, designed as a meet-n-greet to connect foreigner-collectors with PH-artist.  Further talks with local TV Show Hosts about a future Tattoo Competition reality show are underway as well.

PH INK: Philippines Underground Tattoo Lifestyle & Culture magazine and booking service website will list and showcase over 500 artist, shops and tattoo hotspots: the biggest list and showcase of any international-Philippines magazine —in history.  In the ‘No More Hiding’ campaign, PH INK debuted, Cover Girl, actress and celebrity fitness trainer Michaella Recto, tattooed by Pinoy artist Julius ‘Boom’ Belo who was photographed by Rachel Lobangco in Boracay Island, Playboy’s Paris Eivissa and Gwen Garci

THE MISSION of PH INK is to celebrate Philippine artist success, and to be the largest showcase of Philippine artists.  American’s spend more than $1.5 billion on tattoos and the related lifestyle every year.  The US is also home to about 25,000 ‘underground’ tattoo shops and parlors.  Popular Filipino artist in America like, Fuji Motto are making the traditional—Filipino culture of art and tattooing more and more popular amongst aficionados in the US. 

PH TATTOO TOURISM IS EXPECTED TO BOOM!  With more than 500,000 American—residents, the Philippines host the largest American population outside the US.  In addition, there are nearly 1 million tourists from the US annually; a boom in Philippine tourism at-large which is fueling the rapid growth of the tattoo industry as well.              

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