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The Best of the Philippines! Tattoo Artists, Events, Products Hot Spots & More. The Philippines #1 International Tattoo Lifestyle, Tourism & Culture Destination. Showcased here, Reigning PH INK Master Kevin Capus, represented Caloocan City, Philippines and mentor Nico Goto’s Ichieban Tattoo located in Zabarte Mall, near SM Fairview.

The eager and ambitious, 25-year old, father of two (now 3), Kevin Capus was the first of 100+ artists to become a PH INK MASTER FINALISTS. Capus showed the world that the Philippines deserves global recognition for their true-artistry. Even in America, free-hand, original, custom masterpieces are hard to obtain, artists who can do that level of work are rare. However, in the Philippines, with more than 500-years of tattoo artistry in their culture, your tattoo dreams can come true. Choose your artist wisely of course, no matter where you are. (Video)


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