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The American Press | FREE Philippines INK Magazine Digital Sneak Peak!   US Publisher Kareem Antonio-Jackson on tour in the Philippines searching out some of the world’s best of tattoo-lifestyle and the artists who make it so unique. 

The Philippines Magazine International ON-THE-SET reality-style magazine features, press releases and reality tv/web-series showcases hundreds of “Our Best People, Places & Things” in the Philippines.  We go in the trenches, the hottest parties, underground culture, most-remote island provinces, buses, tricycles, pedi-cabs and miles of treks to meet –and showcase to our fans- world-renowned chefs, celebrities, beauty queens, painters, investments, true-lifestyle, self-made entrepreneurs and expat success stories.

Now, our US Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson takes our fans into the Philippines world of artistry.  The Philippines art community is one of the best in the world; dating back hundreds of years -beginning with the tattoo.    

The current Philippines Art Renaissance, is an inflection point.  A rare, exciting and unique time in the Philippines modern history where everything is being re-defined.  A time, when the rules and limitations of yester-year no longer apply and do not define one’s personal success or acceptance.  

Much like the Human Rights or Affirmative Action Era in the United States. 

Here, we’ve captured some amazing insights and experiences into this wonderful Philippines tattoo community.  We’ve met some of the Icons, we’ve asked some serious questions about tattoo discrimination of the industry and collected the biggest in-print and on-line showcase of Philippines artists and the lifestyle which they have defined –ever!

You’ll love, Cover Girl Michaella Recto, as well as, the sneak peak PH INK Pin-Up of Rachel Lobangco’s next Si BOOM! Hot Mamma Cover.  Insiders say, ultra-sexy Gwen Garci will pop-up on an eye-catching (half) bikini (yes, they said half bikini) Cover for their Hot American Summertime Edition

American’s or any other tattoo, art and/or great investment lover will love our new magazine, press service, on-line showcases and booking service!  Whether you’re seeking a great place to jam with the local Pinoy Rastas, artists or hip-underground set; or a place to stay while you do it, and then, when you ‘wanna get a new tattoo’ masterpiece while in the Philippines on holiday, we’ll  get you informed, connected and ready to dive-in and just do it! Using one of the best-of-the-best.

IT’S SO EXCITING!  The tattoo culture and industry at-large is in the middle of a transition: of freedom, wealth and success, as the re-emerging underground Philippines Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Industry carves a new niche in Philippine tourism.

We have been amazed by the art of ‘Tattooing’ in the Philippines: as a right-of-passage for the Filipino or Filipina artist.  That being said, for decades now, Philippine artists at-large have been under-appreciated and unrecognized for their ‘artistry’ due to the discrimination associated -PH nationally- with tattoos.

However, now, Philippine tattoo artists are emerging across the entire globe -as some of the best (and most-affordable) in the business.  

Philippine artists are setting a new standard from Dubai, across America, to Australia and even in Japan.  The fact is: a ‘tattoo’ starts as a painting, drawing, vision, mural, photograph and/or an idea.  And, you cannot simply tear up the paper or toss the canvas if you make a mistake and don’t like the end result.

Tattoos are ever-lasting:  removing or covering-up one can be painful and quite expensive..

Truth is: Artists in the Philippines are able to create custom, unique and original masterpieces using any canvas.  Which is the realization setting them and the Philippines apart from artists in most other countries.

Here is a digital sneak peak at the magazine launched in Carasuchi, Indang, Cavite, at THE PH INK MASTERS Weekend. 

The Masters was proudly, hosted by Carasuchi Villa Gardens and Cavite City Mayor Dimero, with US Publisher Kareem Antonio-Jackson, The Richards, The Tiongson’s and the PH INK CREW.  Along with member of the Philippines and Cavite City Departments of Tourism, local media and tattoo lover’s.  Plus Special Guest Performance Dinner Theater-style by Bles Chavez-Bernstein in from Miami, USA, and DJ Blacksolo from Nigeria.

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