Rachel Lobangco NO MORE HIDING: PHILIPPINES Celebrities Support Local Tattoo Artists Industry

Philippine Tattoo Tourism Industry Gets A Celebrity Boost…No More Hiding Campaign

Rachel Lobangco Reveals New Philippines Tattoo Tourism Cover

Libis, Philippines | The Fire Queen.  The Iconic, award-winning, multi-talented Philippine actress, entertainer, photographer, entrepreneur, Rachel Lobangco along with the US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International announced today, the debut of their upcoming Philippines Ink Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Special Edition Cover. (PH INK)  

The publishers and editorial team of Philippines INK are wrapping up their current edition, featuring Michaella RECTO “The Granddaughter of Claro M. Recto…The Father of the Philippine Constitution” as an endorsement to Philippine artists. 

That controversial Cover was also a product of The Rachel Lobangco LEQ’S EYE VIEW STUDIO.  As the PH INK MASTER Magazine Launch Party Competition approaches, they have already announced the next Cover Girl.

Rachel Lobangco photographed by JAN MICHAEL ALEJANDRO, with stylist NERVIE MARIE and Cover design by The TIONGSON GROUP featuring the work of renowned tattoo artist GENEBERT TESTA.

The Magazine, The Philippines NO MORE HIDING Campaign, along with ( the on-line artists showcase and booking service is designed to promote Philippine Tattoo Lifestyle and Tourism to foreigners and locals: showcasing nearly 500 artists, shops, events, apparel, community hot spots and those who support them. 

The American-published magazine is free: in-print, on-line and with digital downloadable format.  Its American-centric marketing style combines ‘client’ and lifestyle promotion, with an on-line artists showcase, bookings, and interactive events, such as their PH INK TGIF Tattoo Lover’s Hip-Hop Reggae Dance Party Series and The P15,000 PH INK MASTER Winner-Takes-All tattoo competitions.  An equal-opportunity publication, all artists are welcomed:  affiliated, independent and nationwide. 

A celebration of Philippine artistry, and pegged as ‘a Beacon’ for the new Philippine Tattoo Renaissance; PH INK abolishes the discrimination often associated with tattoos and the lifestyle by showing the ‘artistry’ as well as, the clients and artists.  Philippine artists are amongst the best in the world…however decades of discrimination have made it a seemingly lost tradition –until now.    

KA&CO, the publishing group who owns the PH MAG brand, is an independent marketing group which funds the magazine and its website privately: largely by Friends of the Philippines; sponsors and advertisers which allows them to distribute the magazine for free, as well as to remain unbiased when developing content such as their List, endorsements, investment insights and partners.  



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